Sunday 29 May 2011

TV chef outs father-in-law’s secret family

How do you fire your father-in-law and stay married?

Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay, famous for his televised temper and foul mouth, did it by hiring a private eye to find out if his wife’s dad has as many mistresses as Ramsay has shepherd’s pie recipes.

The Daily Mail, like most tabloids across the pond, has been all over the story.

It seems Ramsay, the host of multiple reality TV shows, including “Kitchen Nightmares,” had a falling out with his father-in-law and business partner, Chris Hutcheson, and hired a private eye to figure out how the 62-year-old was spending company time and money.

The F-bombs must have been flying when Ramsay learned Hutcheson had maintained a separate family with another woman, Frances Collins, since 1976.

The information became public this week when a gag order was lifted to show Hutcheson’s “misappropriation of corporate funds.”

The chef waited almost two years to tell his wife, Tana, 36, that she has a 31-year-old half-brother, Christopher, and 29-year-old half-sister, Victoria.

Christopher Hutcheson Jr. allegedly worked at Ramsay’s company without his knowledge, but he now runs a computer company.

Victoria has cooking in her blood; she runs a catering company in Boston. If Ramsay’s TV crew dropped by it might stew up a real kitchen nightmare.