Monday 23 May 2011

Ryan Giggs has been named by an MP in the House of Commons as the person identified on Twitter in the context of injunctions.

Birmingham MP John Hemming used Parliamentary privilege (protection) to name the Premier League star during a debate on the use of injunctions.
Later, an attempt by The Sun newspaper to overturn an injunction protecting a married footballer's identity was rejected for the second time in a day by the High Court.
The injunction bans the naming of a Premier League footballer who is alleged to have had a "sexual relationship" with a reality TV star.
The Sun had first tried to overturn the order following the publication of the footballer's name and photograph in a Scottish newspaper, the Sunday Herald.
It returned to the High Court after the naming of a footballer in the House of Commons.

The original judge, Mr Justice Eady, had left for the day but one of the country's leading privacy judges, Mr Justice Tugendhat, was persuaded to sit for the hearing.
Mr Tugendhat upheld the previous decision not to overturn the injunction, despite the argument by The Sun that the footballer no longer had any privacy left to protect.
The judge said it was not a case about secrecy, but a case about intrusion.
The footballer, referred to as CTB in court documents, is alleged to have had a "sexual relationship" with Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas.