Thursday 26 May 2011

THEIR booze-swilling party lifestyle has turned the spotlight on Tyneside.

But while Geordie Shore has become an overnight reality TV sensation, not everyone has been impressed with the show’s hard-partying style.

The MTV programme features a host of wild characters drinking, flashing and boasting their way into the limelight – and Tuesday night’s first instalment drew a record number of viewers.

Yet the so-called “glamorous lifestyles” of the characters – dubbed “weekend millionaires” – has also prompted a flurry of criticism from anti-alcohol campaigners and others who feel the show is misrepresenting the North East.

The eight cast members, including 21-year-old Sophie Kasaei, who brands herself a “complete slut”, seem set on shocking their audience.

In the first 15 minutes alone, the show’s 320,000 viewers were faced with a staggering 31 sexual references.

Sophie, from South Shields, was shown drunkenly crawling through vomit within hours of entering the house.

The episode, peppered with foul language throughout, then culminates in a vicious club brawl.