Thursday 26 May 2011


As the shock waves spread over the Cheryl Cole's departure from the US X Factor, reportedly because of her Geordie accent, some are asking: was it a conspiracy?

The singer has not yet commented on the reports of her being fired, but already showbiz experts are looking at what went wrong.
Sky News entertainment editor Jon Bennett believes that it’s likely that the former Girls Aloud singer’s face simply didn’t 'fit' with the show's image.
"It’s easy to see why cynics can argue this is simply yet another publicity stunt," Bennett said.
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"But the fact that Cheryl has already been filming for a couple of weeks makes this seem unlikely to me."
The producers now face the difficult task of working out what to do with the footage of auditions with Cole on the judging panel.

"Do they show that material or do they have to cleverly edit around it?"
"Surely if this was a publicity stunt, Simon Cowell, who is hardly an amateur at media manipulation, would have thought of something less troublesome."
Reports have variously cited Cole's Geordie accent, being homesick for Britain, and image problems for the fickle US market, as the reason for her exit.
PR expert Phil Hall says with so many different explanations being offered there is a smell of the dark arts of showbiz publicity wafting around.

Cheryl Cole is known on X Factor for her compassion
"There is a lot of PR spinning going on out there and i don't think it is necessary," Mr Hall told Sky News.
"I don't think Cheryl needs to play the victim here because she has only been given two weeks."
Mr Hall believes Cole's key charm for British fans has not yet emerged during filming on the American equivalent.
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"Everybody knows Cheryl's brand is to be the warm, human shoulder to cry on for contestants and that doesn't happen at the rehearsal stage, it happens as the competition goes on," he said.
Fellow UK judge Dannii Minogue offered her sympathy and tweeted: "Judging roles should come with a life jacket, drop down oxygen and a life raft!"
Meanwhile, Sky's Bennett believes there are possible problems with how Cole appeared to fit in with other judges.

"Shots of Cheryl at public appearances with fellow judge Paula Abdul have seemed to show an uneasy relationship between the pair," Bennett said.
"If that is the case then Cowell needed to act. And if he had to choose between Cheryl - a virtual unknown in the States - and Abdul, who is a huge star and favourite with viewers, then he would have a very easy decision to make.
"I’d bet that this was far more important than any issues over Cheryl’s accent or her supposed homesickness".

The famous singer was married to footballer Ashley Cole
Different perspectives as to what lies behind Cole's departure will always remain. However, the star still has a huge following in her homeland.
"I don't think Cheryl is a loser here, I think she should come back to Britain," Mr Hall said.
"I know that she is being replaced but I'm sure she will bounce straight back."