Saturday 21 May 2011

Lawyers representing 'CTB', a footballer who allegedly had an affair with ex-Big Brother star Imogen Thomas, have clarified they are not suing Twitter

Lawyers at Schillings, representing CTB, confirmed he has obtained a High Court order requesting Twitter to reveal details of users who had divulged his identity in contravention of a super-injunction.
They said the Premiership star was not suing Twitter but had made an application 'to obtain limited information concerning the unlawful use of Twitter by a small number of individuals who may have breached a court order'.
But since news of the disclosure order became public, hundreds of Twitter users have tweeted information revealing the player's identity on the social network.
One message, which has been re-tweeted a number of times on the micro-blogging site, states: 'XXX is suing Twitter. I can't Imogen why'
Twitter has not issued a reaction but hundreds of users have repeated his name on the site in an apparent show of defiance.
The order against Twitter requires the US-based website to disclose the requested information within seven days - or within the appropriate time required by the law in California, where its headquarters are based.
However, many critics have questioned the legal action, including several users of the site.
One tweeted: 'Why XXX gets the right to interrogate Twitter over who releases these tweets is beyond me. It's out. I'd be concentrating on my marriage.'
The latest development comes two weeks after a Twitter user tried to reveal details of privacy injunctions obtained by celebrities.
The Twitter user tried to 'out' a number of UK public figures using an anonymous account.