Friday 20 May 2011

An author linked to Dominique Strauss-Kahn today claimed he 'loved sex',

An author linked to Dominique Strauss-Kahn today claimed he 'loved sex', but dismissed the sexual assault allegations against him.

Spanish-born writer Carmen Llera, 58, is said to have had a two-year relationship with Strauss-Kahn between 2003 and 2005 and a picture has been circulated of the two of them walking in Paris.

In 2008 she published a book of poems in French and Italian called Gaston, which is said to have hinted at the relationship she had with the former IMF chief.

Since Strauss-Kahn's arrest Ms Llera has gone to ground and has not been seen at her Rome apartment and she has also switched off her mobile and not returned messages.

Aides to the former IMF chief had expressed concerns of potential revelations about their relationship if Ms Llera decided to publish a book.

But today, a letter from her was published in Italy's leading Corriere Della Sera newspaper, in which she appeared to defend him.

It said: 'After days of silence I am writing to you, it is a mistake to use my book Gaston, which is pure fiction, to illustrate a real event, Gaston has nothing to do with Dominique Strauss-Kahn who I have known for many years.

'I have never been one of his victims as has been written, he is not a primitive, cruel, sadistic man, violence is not part of his culture, he likes sex (so what?) that is not a crime, sometimes bodies can express more than words.

'But I do not wish to be literary at this moment because literature does not save anyone, it won't save him and it won't save me.

'I have no idea what happened in the suite at the Sofitel, probably there was a consensual relationship, but I would exclude sexual violence, I would not want Dominique Strauss-Kahn to be a made a scapegoat for American, anti-European, or anti-French puritanism.

'I would not want him to pay for the failed extradition of (Roman) Polanski or for dirty political and economic games.

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'I would just like that his innocence be demonstrated and that he will return to the be the free and smiling man that I saw days ago.'
A source close to Ms Llera said: 'She has had a pretty colourful love life and has been linked to several powerful men in Italy and elsewhere.

'She is a bit of a free spirit and she did have a soft spot for Dominique.
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'They were lovers very briefly and she visited him in Paris a few times and she told me that he did have a very active and imaginative sex life which she found very exciting.'

Ms Llera married Italian author Alberto Moravia four years before his death in 1990, when she was 33 and he was 79.

It comes after a book by a member of Strauss-Kahn's inner circle suggested his dealings with Rome-based Ms Llera could be damaging if revealed.
Secrets Of A Presidential Contender, published last year under the pseudonym Cassandre, said: 'Our worst nightmare would be if she wanted to write a book.'

The woman, named in the book as Carmen, is believed to be Ms Llera.

The methods Strauss-Kahn employed to carry out his alleged philandering were underlined in the 'DSK' book, which described him identifying his 'prey' with an 'eye for women (as) sharp as a laser'.