Saturday 14 May 2011

Blinded woman gets to put acid in attacker's eyes

Iranian man found guilty of using acid to blind a woman who refused to marry him now will have the same done to him as punishment — and she'll be the one who carries out the sentence, her lawyer says.
The lawyer said that at noon Saturday, Ameneh Bahrami would drop acid in both eyes of Majid Movahedi, 30, after he is rendered unconscious at a judiciary hospital in Tehran, The Guardian newspaper reported, citing Iranian media.
Bahrami was disfigured and blinded in 2004 when Movahedi threw acid in her face as she returned home from work, the Guardian reported. After Movahedi admitted to the attack, Bahrami asked a court to order an eye-for-an-eye retribution, under the Islamic law system of "qisas."
The court did so in November 2008, calling for five drops of sulfuric acid to be placed in each of his eyes.

Iranian officials have endorsed the sentence, hoping to stop an increase in acid attacks, the Guardian said.
The Washington Post reported that human rights groups and the British government had asked Bahrami to pardon Movahedi but that she had refused.
“I have been receiving numerous phone calls from Iranian human rights organizations based abroad,” Bahrami told the Post in a phone interview Friday. “They are pressuring me to pardon him. But I won’t do that.”
Iran's government helped Bahrami, who has an electronics degree and worked in a medical engineering company before the attack, moved to Spain, where she underwent a series of unsuccessful operations.
She briefly recovered half vision in her right eye in 2007 but an infection blinded her again, the Guardian said.
Bahrami, now in her 30s, wrote a book about her ordeal, “Eye for an Eye,” which was published in Germany.