Monday 18 July 2011

Did Rebekah Brooks Try to Ditch Her Computer, Notes and Phone?

A day before Rebekah Brooks is set to appear before a Parliament select committee, she or her husband Charlie may have left an extra piece of evidence for law-enforcement officials to probe.

A bag holding a computer, paperwork and a phone was found in a garbage can by the security guard in an underground garage “yards” from Brooks’ home. The Guardian is reporting that Charlie had tried to claim the bag but was unable to prove it was his.

Brooks said the bag was in a bin because a cleaning person must have thought it was garbage. After he left, the security guard at the garage called the police.

Brooks’ spokesman has denied that the bag had anything to do with Rebekah or the phone-hacking scandal. Rebekah, former chief executive of News Corp.’s British publishing arm News International, was arrested on Sunday in connection with the hacking scandal.

She will appear before Parliament's Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Tuesday morning with Rupert and James Murdoch, her former bosses, testifying immediately after.