Sunday 24 July 2011

Amy Winehouse's unfinished final record is likely to receive a posthumous release.

As with so many artists before her, the singer's death has sparked a renewed interest in her career that will see her elevated to the pantheon of musical greats.
Within hours of Winehouse's death, her 2006 album Back To Black had topped the iTunes chart and fans flocked to buy her most famous single, Rehab.
Winehouse had spent the past two years working sporadically on a third album. Sources said that the songs were at demo stage but there was "a lot of material" available. Winehouse's parents, Mitch and Janis, will have the final say on its release and it is expected to outsell Back To Black's five million copies.
Industry experts described Winehouse as a true talent and said there would be huge demand for a posthumous album.
Phil Alexander, editor-in-chief of Mojo magazine, said: "It is inevitable that her death will elevate her reputation and that there will be a third record released.