Friday 3 June 2011

Serial attack seagulls besiege pensioners' home

Two elderly women say they are too terrified to leave their home following a series of aerial attacks by gulls.

Nancy Bond and Gloria Prinn say they cannot use their garden or even hang their washing out following a number of onslaughts near their flat in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Ms Prinn told the BBC she had her glasses knocked off during one incident.

"I was hanging out my clothes. It just landed on me and glasses really went off," she said.

"It was like a tonne weight on me. It was terrible."

Ms Bond said: "When we come out to go shopping, the two big ones up there just come zooming over the top of you."

The RSPB said gulls nesting on house roofs are most likely to be herring gulls and are likely to be protecting their young.

The charity said the problem should disappear when the gulls' chicks have flown.

The RSPB said although gulls are protected, it is possible to get a licence to deal with nuisance birds.

But it added that Government licences allow the killing of urban gulls only as a last resort, where a significant risk to public health or safety has been identified