Monday 20 June 2011

Robbie Williams accidentally flashes willy on stage

Robbie Williams had accidentally flashed his willy on the stage while performing his solo section for the 'Take That's 'Progress' show at Croke Park Stadium, in Dublin last weekend.

The singer lost his grip on the whole situation when he stuffed his hands down his trousers as the song reached its climax.

It was a pretty wild routine so it''s no wonder it fell out. He didn''t seem in a hurry to put it away, the Sun quoted a witness as saying.

He was definitely up for it. He was going mental, shouting and swearing, trying to get the crowd going before shoving his hands down his keks.

Even though he was like a man possessed, the ladies didn''t complain, the witness added.

However, It is not the first time the Stoke-born star has shown what he is made of. He walked on stage naked in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1999 and in January this year, he recorded a birthday message for Gary Barlow's 40th in the buff.

Also last week Williams ripped his trousers while on stage at Cardiff''s Millennium Stadium and yelled: I''m so excited I''ve split my keks!