Saturday 4 February 2012

Gangster Domenyk Noonan set to be told: You’re staying in jail


Probation chiefs are set to oppose gangster Domenyk Noonan’s latest bid for freedom, we have learned. The 47-year-old is currently behind bars in Strangeways awaiting a parole hearing. He was arrested amid the August disorder in Manchester last year and recalled to prison – even though an investigation into whether he was a riot ringleader was dropped. Now we can reveal the Probation Service will recommend Noonan, originally from Moston, remains behind bars at the hearing later this month. They will present a report to the parole board into the risks he poses if released. It is understood the report will include a reference to a new documentary – called A Very British Gangster II – which was released earlier this month. The film is the work of investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre, who spent weeks filming Noonan before his arrest in August. The Probation Service is believed to be concerned the film may glorify Noonan’s past, despite his claims he has found God and is a changed man. The film is a sequel to the A Very British Gangster, which featured Noonan and his brother Dessie – later murdered by a drugs dealer. The original caused fury inside Greater Manchester Police, which failed in a court bid to ban it. Mr MacIntyre insists the follow-up focuses on fatherhood rather than Noonan himself. He strenuously denied it glorified crime, adding: "It’s an important, serious film. "I come from a journalistic and documentary perspective. It reports the world as we see it. We don’t give value judgements." Noonan, speaking from Strangeways, said: "I want to let people know I’ve changed my life around. I haven’t been in any trouble yet I’m still in prison." Noonan, who changed his name to Lattlay-Fottfoy, was locked up in 2005 after a gun was found in his car. He was released on licence in 2010 but has been recalled to prison on a number of occasions. In August he was arrested on conspiracy to commit violent disorder. The case was dropped but he remains behind bars under the terms of his early release licence, which expires in 2014. A spokesman for Greater Manchester Probation Trust said: "If an offender is determined not to change their behaviour then they will be recalled to custody should they breach the terms of their licence."