Monday 19 September 2011

Joe Keane used his car to 'box in' McCarthy-Dundon gang members during a stand-off last week.


 The feared criminal - who is the son of slain mobster Kieran Keane - confronted the rival gang members following a night out in Limerick city centre. A source claimed Keane believed the car contained gangsters who knew Darren Coughlan, the innocent man he helped kick to death in November 2005. Earlier this month, gangster Joe (23) was released from prison after serving six years for Darren's manslaughter. Gardai claim Keane's release has seriously raised tensions in Limerick's criminal underworld. The notorious thug had previously vowed to get revenge on rival gang members who were behind the murder of his father, Kieran Keane snr. A source claims Keane clashed with Moyross crime figure Erol Ibrahim last week after he boxed in a car he was a passenger in. Tense Ibrahim is well known to gardai and is a close associate of senior members of the McCarthy-Dundon mob. The source said: "Keane blocked in the car because he thought it contained an associate of Darren Coughlan. He was wrong and there was a tense stand-off with Erol Ibrahim. "Apparently, Keane phoned Ibrahim later on and told him he was not the target." Gardai regard Keane as an up-and-coming gang figure and he is extremely close to his uncle, crime boss Christy Keane. The notorious thug has a reputation for violence and has previously vowed to execute his father's killers. When he was just a teenager, gardai seized a note written by Keane to his mother in which he vowed to kill members of the McCarthy-Dundon gang. It read: "People who set up and killed my father, all will be dead by the time I am 32, now I am 14. That's a promise boys." After his release, Keane flew to Spain for a holiday with his mother, Sophie, brother Kieran jnr and Kieran's girlfriend Laura Flanagan. However, since his return a source has claimed Keane has maintained a "high profile" presence on the streets of Limerick. ROW: Gangster Erol Ibrahim Ibrahim is an associate of a criminal who controls the drugs trade in Moyross. The mobster, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is facing serious charges later this year. Ibrahim, whose father is Turkish, first hit the headlines as a teenager when he was a witness in the trial of hitman Gary Campion. Evidence He was sitting in the front passenger seat of drug dealer 'Fat' Frankie Ryan's car when Campion shot him dead in 2006. He initially denied knowing the identity of the shooter but changed his evidence after a meeting with Mr Ryan's brother. However, in his second day of giving evidence in court, Mr Ibrahim said he had never seen the person who had killed Mr Ryan before in his life and could not identify him.