Monday 20 February 2012

Spending on health per patient in Spain is down ten percent in two years


The spending cuts in the health service are causing a deterioration in patient care, as the regions reduce the budget by 5 billion €. The cost per inhabitant has fallen 10% over the past two years, waiting lists are getting longer, and a shortage of beds and a lack of payment to suppliers is ever more common. Supplies are also being rationed. Unions claim there are some hospitals which are rationing the use of bandages. There are already hospitals which no longer operate in the afternoons, and emergency departments are often saturated. All the staff has met the brunt of the cuts, there have also been cut backs on medicines, technology and maintenance. Professionals and patients are starting to notice the cuts. At the Ramon y Cajal emergency department in Madrid, some 100 workers have denounced the saturation, and say there is a shortage of beds. Patients are being placed in overcrowded rooms. The amount owed to suppliers by hospitals by the regional health authorities has now risen to 11.6 billion €.