Tuesday 31 January 2012

Village on alert after firearm incident


Police have warned people in a Lincolnshire village to stay indoors after reports of an armed siege in which an officer was injured when a gunshot was fired at a police car. Lincolnshire police would say only that an officer suffered minor injuries during an "ongoing incident" in Sutton St James, about 15 miles west of King's Lynn. They confirmed that the incident involved a firearm but said the officer's injuries were not caused by a gunshot. Local reports quoted eyewitnesses as saying a shot was fired at a police car. A police vehicle was seen being taken away from the village with its driver-side window smashed. The reports said police were believed to be negotiating with someone at a home in Chapelgate, a street in the village. A woman working at the Sutton St James post office, who asked not to be named, told the Press Association that relatives elsewhere in the village said the injured officer was seen walking to an ambulance and did not appear to be badly hurt. She said: "I think the policeman had some kind of facial injuries. The village has been shut down – the police have cars at a lot of the junctions coming into the village and they won't let anybody in. There's two ambulances here at the minute and a police car." A police alert warned people in the affected part of the village to stay indoors. Those living in sealed-off streets who were returning home were asked to assemble at the village's primary school.