Tuesday 16 August 2011

British man has died in the Seychelles following what locals say was a shark attack.

The Foreign Office confirmed Ian Martin Redmond, from Lancashire, had died in the Indian Ocean archipelago and it was offering assistance to his family.

The Daily Telegraph reported the victim was 30 years old and on his honeymoon, but this has not been confirmed.

Police said he was killed off Anse Lazio beach, on the island of Praslin, the scene of a recent similar attack.

It must be the same shark that attacked 16 days ago”

Jeanne Vargiolu
Local restaurant owner
A French national was reportedly killed by a shark off the same beach just over two weeks ago.

Local restaurant owner Jeanne Vargiolu said she went to the beach on Tuesday after hearing sirens and that police told her Mr Redmond had severe arm and leg injuries.

"I saw his wife talking to about five people, I think one was English, that she still had hope he was still alive," she said. "They were trying to help him but they could not get him alive."

Ms Vargiolu said her family had lived on the beach for 36 years and the two shark attacks this month were the first she had seen.

"It must be the same shark that attacked 16 days ago," she said.

Police had said they would close the beach from Wednesday morning and were going "to put out a net to try and catch the shark tomorrow", she said.

Director for tourism Alain St Ange told the Daily Mail the Seychelles authorities were taking the attacks very seriously.

"If there is a rogue shark out there, we will try to catch it," he said. "We have requested shark experts from South Africa to come over to Seychelles to help us identify the type of shark it could be, but this kind of thing has never ever happened in Seychelles before."

An employee at the La Reserve hotel told the Press Association the man and his wife had been guests there.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge honeymooned in the Seychelles on North Island earlier this year.